June 25, 2008


Hi Friends,
Due to my internet connection problem, was not able to post the Mango pickle recipe immediately. Now my internet connection is working. So here is my hot mango pickle recipe:

1 1/4 Kg raw mango pieces along with skin (washed,wipe dry and with equal size like below picture)
1/4 Kg red chilli powder
1/4 Kg salt
50 gr mustard powder(avapindi)
25 gr Methi powder (menthi pindi)
1 tbsp turmeric powder
100 gr garlic pods (slightly crushed)
1/2 kg oil(preferred groundnut oil)

1. Mix all the above ingredients (all are raw ingredients and use directly one by one) in a dry and cleaned big bowl and keep it for 3 days in a cool place. (Don't touch and also don't mix)

2. Third day you can mix with dry, cleaned spoon. Now its ready to use. Looks yummy and tastes great. Here are some photos(slideshow) while keeping this delicious pickle.

Note: 1. Dry roast mustard seeds and methi seeds till they reaches to red color, cool and grind to a fine powder.

2. Red chilli powder used for pickling is preferred and careful, it should be without salt.

3. We prefer groundnut oil for mango pickle. Otherwise you can use sesame oil or any refined oil.
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  1. Bharathy!!
    Wow!! I am just staring at that pickle! and hey just 1 small bottle would do for me, when will u send it over??

  2. Hi Asha! thanks for your lovely comment dear.

    Hi Padmaja! Just senging...its on the way! thanks for dropping by.

  3. Ohhhh! Hot mango pickle sounds WONDERFUL! I think I would be eating that with everything if I had some!

    Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! :)

  4. Hi Jenn! thanks for including me in your foodie blog roll list and very happy to see your lovely comment at my blog. Keep coming dear!

  5. I am drooling at that pickle!

  6. Hi Friends, Due to my internet connection problem, was not able to post the Mango pickle recipe immediately

  7. Hi Jyothi....
    Lovely mango pickle.. and this is my hubby's fav :-)
    Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Thanks for dropping dear cynthia! keep coming...

    Hi Cinnamon! even this is my fav too...not even me, i think all fav...thanks dear..

    Thanks srivalli!

  9. my god pickle looks mouthwatering ,nice color jyothi

  10. Thanks sagari!

    Thanks kitchen flavours!

  11. Thanks for the recipe Jyothi...It looks pretty simple...Got to try with the mangoes we get here in US...

  12. Thanks for dropping by chandrika. Try and let me know...

  13. Yummy! it looks like a real mouth watering dish. I will definitely try that.If you r interested in recipes of other parts of India do visit my blog.

  14. Hi Sunanda! thanks for dropping by and soon I will visit your blog. Thanks again...

  15. Hi Jyothi,

    My first visit here. I am going to Hyd soon & I will get my first batch of Aavakai made by mom & granny :)

  16. Thanks for dropping by aabharan! welcome to hyderabad and enjoy aavakai....yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

  17. That looks very good.Nice sharing.

    Lingerie Alley

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  19. This dish is looking very sweet and tasty thanks to share with us this delicious recipe.

    Orangy - The Sweet Sour Tangy Taste of Life

  20. AnonymousJune 04, 2011

    hi jyothi, i tried ur mango pickle but, unfortunately ue to methi powder the pickle tastes bitter. any nremedy for this please reply me asap.

    thank you.

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  22. hi..where can we buy this in hyderabad? any branded or non branded ones in the market.

    seeing the picture i am dreaming of rice, curd and this pickle.