May 24, 2007

Tasty Veg Puffs

Yesterday, as I told, today i am posting tasty and yummy home made vegetarian puffs. Its easy to make. I learned some tips and making process of puffs from my friend, Sujatha and as well as my dear sister-in-law, Chandana. With help of little oil, we can prepare these puffs. I used ready made puff pastry sheets. For the stuffing, i used Potato Peas Fry. Here is my recipe:

Veg Puffs:
Prep time: 50mts (with 1 sheet, I prepared 10 puffs)
Cooking time: 35mts
serves : 3 (I calculated as each 3.... :))

1 readymade puff pastry sheet
3 tbsp all purpose flour or maida
any veg fry curry for filling
3 tbsp oil

1. Take a puff pastry sheet from freezer and allow it to come to room temperature. It will take minimum 40minutes.

2. After that dust some all purpose flour down and put that sheet and roll it out to the maximum as thin as possible.

3. and then cut it in to some rectangles and stuff with 1 spoon of veg curry in each and apply water in the all corners and press and put in the conventional oven on 350 degrees F for 30 minutes.

4. Otherwise you can check whether its done with the color, light golden color. Yummy and delicious veg puffs will be ready to serve.

Note: Replace veg curry with shreded chicken masala for chicken puffs or replace with boiled egg masala (cut each boiled egg length wise into 2 pieces) for egg puffs.
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  1. I really love these puffs, I was going to post the recipe in a day or 2..and here u r:)..the puffs look lovely.

  2. Hi Swapna,

    Is there a reason to roll the flour thin. I make it just like that from the sheet. And they Puff that way. We used to fight for these in college.

  3. You kept your word Jyoti,looks delicious.Rolled thin Puffs do not rise well unless you want them to be this crusted and crispy:))

  4. anusharajiMay 25, 2007

    i never did puffs from scratch
    u made it so simple
    luv the color ;)

  5. another post on puffs, i just saw one on trupti's blog and another one here. Looks great !

  6. Jyothi, They look delicious, I too prepare them :-) Thx.

  7. I love vegetarian foods. i'm learning to be one. thanks fot the info!