June 9, 2007


This chanadal spinach fritters also very crunchy and simple evening snack item. I love this very much. My family likes these little soft only. If anybody wants to try, if you want crispy, then don't grind the batter smooth. If you want smooth, like me then grind the batter into smooth content. Here is my recipe:

Chanadal-Spinach Garelu:
Prep : 4hrs (To soak the chanadal and to grind)
Cooking time: 15mts
Serves : 3
Cuisine : Andhra

1 cup chanadal (wash and soak before 3 hours)
1 cup finely chopped spinach
2 tsp ginger pieces
2 tsp garlic pieces
salt as per taste
4 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves(optional)
4 green chillies
oil for deep frying

1. Grind all the above ingredients except spinach and coriander leaves into smooth paste with help of water (little quantity). If you want crispy fritters, then don't use the water.

2. Mix the chopped spinach and coriander leaves to above batter, combined well.

3. Heat the oil in kadai. Make the fritters on a clean cloth, drop slowly one by one in the hot oil, fry both sides till golden color and remove into kitchen tissue papers to observe excess oil.

4. Serve hot with curd or avakai chutney (:)).

Note: If you want, you can add finely chopped onions and also pudina leaves for better taste.
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  1. Yummy and crunchy snack.Thanks:))

  2. The fritters look delicious...

  3. Never thought of this before, nice!

  4. I reserve a handful of chana dal before grinding and add it later to the batter. You can get extra crispy fritters.

  5. I have bookmarked this recipe to try Jyothi. Thanks for sharing.

  6. hi chala bagunnai mee garelu....ivala mee dum biryani chesthunna..hope naku kooda mee biryanilane ravalani....ninna i commented on munchurian..choosara?

  7. hey, that looks so crunchy & yum!! using chana dal gives such a fantastic taste :)

  8. oh yummy yummy snack..!

  9. What is avakai chutney?can you tell me?

  10. the garelu looks so good and crispy. yummy with some tea.

  11. Add anything to Channa dhal, it tastes yummy. Great snack Jyothi. Viji

  12. @Hi Asha, thanks.

    @Hi Sunita, thanks a lot.

    @Hi SRA, they will be very tasty. Try it. Thanks for dropping by.

  13. @Hi Suganya, thanks for your suggestion. Next time, I will follow your suggestion. Once again thanks a lot.

    @Hi Cynthia, thanks a lot. Try it and let me know.

    @Hi Shanti, thanks for dropping by. I have seen your comment. Once again thanks a lot.

  14. @Hi Richa, you are absolutely right. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Hi Seena, thanks.

    @Hi Usha, avakai means mango chutney. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. @Hi sharmi, yes, they are very suitable for evening snacks. Thanks for your valuable comments.

    @Hi Viji, thanks for dropping by. Keep on visiting.