July 26, 2007

10000 VISTS AND A MeMe...

Wow, very happy to announce that "Andhraspicy" has apparently passed 10000th visitor mark!. You can't imagine how happy I am to have reached that magical number within 4 months.

Thank you to everyone who visits regularly, either by visiting site or reading the feeds. So, on this special day, I'd like to warmly thank you all fellow bloggers and visitors for your support, constructive comments and for giving me the motivation I need to keep going on!

Without you all, this blog would not have become what it is now!!!

Many, many sincere THANKS. I'm looking forwards to seeing more of you on my site and I hope you'll always be satisfied by my delicious recipes. Once again thanks a lot.

Here comes to my MeMe...

I have been tagged by my dear friends Sra, Deena, Bhags and Komal for their MeMe. Thanks my dear friends. Here are my 7 random facts...

1. I have been cooking since my 8th standard. First my experiment was on egg omelet. It came out well but wrong was with my preparation, as thin plain dosa...hehehe...it was a funny incident.

2. Mine is a friendly nature. One week point is, I believe all the people. Sometimes it may good but most of the times its bad for me.

3. I love to visit new places and like to meet new people. 3 years back I got married. My hubby is first critic to all my food experiments.

4. My parents are in Hyderabad, India. My father is an agriculturist. I have an elder sister and an elder brother. Both are married and settled in hyderabad.

5. My favourite cuisines are Indian and Chinese. But I would like to learn all types of cuisines.

6. I have completed my MBA in HRM. I have five years experience.

7. I love beautiful flowers, music, rain, good coffee, romantic novels, movies and mostly my dearest hubby's compnay.

So, this is my first meme. I would like to tag...

Anusharaji ;







Please participate if you have time and interest. Ignore if you have been already tagged.
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  1. that was a beautiful meme, very similar to mine. one more hyderabadi!! which place in hybd? nice to know you.

  2. oops forgot to congratulate you on your 10000th post!!

  3. Congratulations Girl ! Its a celebration time.

    Nice to know about you. Started cooking from 8th ! thats good.

  4. Congrats! Nice to know about you.

  5. A nice read and good to know about you. Congrats on your 10000th visitor

  6. Congratulations!! That is a big bunch of readers!:))
    Great to know you.I think you are a very sweet person!:))

  7. @Hi Sharmi, thanks a lot for your lovely words. In hyderabad, ours is vidyanagar. Once again thanks dear.

    @Hi Seec, thanks for your wishes and lovely words.

    @Hi Tee, thanks a lot.

    @Hi Bhags, thanks dear.

    @Hi Asha, Really very happy to see your wonderful words. Dear friend, thanks a lot.

  8. Jyothi, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Its a great feat!!!!


  9. Hi !
    congrats! and that's a very nice meme with flowers!!!!

  10. Hi Aruna, thank you very much.

    Hi Usha, thanks a lot. Keep on coming.

  11. This is my first visit to your blog, Jyothi. You've got some really good recipes here....

  12. Hi Jaya, thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks a lot for your lovely words. Keep on visiting.

  13. hey jyothi, nice meme, desi & indo-chinese is my fav as well :)

  14. congrats jyothi!nice to know you dear :)

  15. Jyothi:) i have a train to catch in 1hour,I never do tags or meme's but i will do it for you:) That would be my gift for you on reaching that huuuuuuuuuuuge milestone and one more thing which brought a smile is that you are from Hyderabad and that you too are an MBA:)
    Congratulations and keep posting girl,have a wonderful time,i will be back in three days:)

  16. @Hi Richa, thanks a lot.

    @Hi Jyothsna, thank you.

    @Hi Roopa, thanks for dropping by.

    @Hi Alapana, Really very happy to see your wonderful words. Thanks a lot that you want to post your meme for my sake as gift. You mean that you too MBA. What a coincidence! Once again thanks girl and very happy journey and have a great weekend dear.

  17. anusharajiJuly 27, 2007

    first of all congrats on 10K visits
    vl wish u agian at 100k visit
    second luved ur meme
    congrats on first one.....and wishes for the married life ;)
    ur a mba with 5 years exp. cool
    i luv rain too...n ofcourse music, movies.....
    n the omelet thing...my cousin still remembers how horribly i prepared him one while summer holidays.
    n hey thx for tagging

    checkout my about page for meme

  18. Jyothi, I know the thin dosa-type omelette, hee hee :) The flower pix are beautiful.

  19. Hi Raji, thanks for your wishes and lovely words. I will read your meme now only. Thanks for participating.
    Happy weekend.

    Hi Sra, thanks dear.

  20. Nice Meme and congratulations on your 10000 mark.....The chicken 65 looks yummy! Hey Jyothi thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Really appreciate them and glad to know you liked it!
    Add you to my feeds and blogroll.

  21. Hi Padma, thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. Thanks for adding me to your feeds and blogroll. Once again thanks and keep on coming.

  22. Congratulations Jyothi, It was nice knowing about you! Great,Keep it up!

  23. Congrats!!
    Can you recommend a good Indian or middle eastern music group that makes dance/electronic music? I had hoped to find someone to put on my iPod to run to...ideas??

  24. Hi Neelam, thanks a lot.

    Hi Elizabeth, thanks dear, but I really don't anybody. I am sorry.

  25. congrats jyothi...it was fun reading ur meme

  26. Hi Sia, thanks a lot. Keep on coming.

  27. Hi Jyothi,
    Found u thro' ur comment on my blog.
    Congrats on crossong the 10,000th vistor mark! That's quite an achievement!!
    Keep up the good work :-)

  28. Thanks tbc and keep on coming.