July 12, 2007


On July 9th I have been posted Gulab Jamun's post. One friend called Radha, she asked me to post the recipe of Gulab Jamuns. For her, here is my gulab jamuns recipe:

Gulab Jamuns:
Prep time : 10mts
Cooking time : 20mts
Cuisine : Indian

1 MTR Gulab Jamuns readymade mix
Milk as per required to mix dough
oil or ghee for frying

For Syrup:
450 grs Sugar
1/2 ltr water
1/2 tsp elachi powder

1. Take the sugar and water into a wide vessel, keep it on stove on medium flame till one boil, when its boiled add elachi powder. Reduce heat to low, cook till 15mts.

2. In the same time you mix the jamun mix with milk, prepare small round balls. While doing the balls, put the oil or ghee in a thick bottom kadai, keep it on stove on high heat for 3 minutes.

3. After that reduce heat to low, drop each ball into oil or ghee slowly, fry till golden color. Remove from oil, immediately drop slowly in the sugar syrup. Like fry all the other balls and drop in the syrup.

4. When you drop the last ball in syrup, Close the syrup bowl with a lid or foil for 45 mts.

5. After 45 minutes you can observe the size of jamuns will increase means they observes the syrup. Serve hot or cool. They will melt like icecream.

Note: 1. Complete the dough preparation as early as possible. Don't mix the dough too much with your hand, otherwise while frying the jamuns in oil or ghee, they will break.

2. After mix the dough, cover with wet cloth for 5 minutes, then make small size balls.

3. Fry the jamuns in oil or ghee on low heat. Otherwise they won't cook inside of the jamuns.
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  1. Your gulab jamuns look good! I have made gulab-jamuns with a ready-made mix only once and I did not like it very much...since then I always preferred khoya, but your gulab jamuns make me want try the mix again.

  2. Hi !
    Yummy looking jamuns! will taste very good with vanilla ice cream!

  3. Gulab jamuns look nice and yummy.I have never tried MTR .Will surely try it :)

  4. my fav dessert coupled with ice cream....they look really nice

  5. Hi Jyothi...my favourite sweet! I too make it often..frm the ready made mix..they do come out well.

  6. @Hi Tee, try and let me know. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Hi Usha, even I like that combo. Thanks a lot.

    @Hi Archana, try and let me know. Anyway thanks for dropping by and keep on visiting.

    @Hi Bhags, thanks.

    @Hi Neelam, Never tried before with khova. I heard about it only. Very soon I want to try that too. Thanks for your lovely words.

  7. AnonymousJuly 14, 2007

    Thanks for the recipe. I tried it. Our family loved it. Thank you again.


  8. @Hi Radha, glad you liked it. Really very happy with your lovely words. Thanks a lot. Keep on coming.