July 9, 2007


I was celebrated my dearest hubby's birthday on July 3rd. First time, I prepared a cake and decorated my self. I know very well that its not perfect. My hubby also very happy with home made cake i.e mainly with decoration. Along with the cake, I prepared Gulab Jamuns. I have already posted the preparation of vanilla flavoured cake. The link is here:"Golden Vanilla Fluffy Cake" Here is my decorative cake:

First I prepared the vanilla flavoured cake and decorated with rich vanilla flavoured whipped cream and mixed fruit jam. I spread the cream on top of the cake. Then I wrote my hubby name with mixed fruit jam (:D). I prepared a cone with help of a planstic cover, filled mixed fruit jam and decorated the cake.

Gulab Jamun:

This is only one sweet, which is my hubby's favourite. I know that everybody knows very well about the making process of jamuns. Thats why I am not posting the making process of jamuns. If anybody wants, let me know through comments. I will post it. Here is lovely gulab jamuns.

For preparation of jamuns, I will tell you some tips to follow. If you interested, follow these tips and prepare lovely jamuns.
1. Mix the readymade jamun mix with milk, you will get smooth jamuns.

2. Complete the dough preparation as early as possible. Don't mix the dough too much with your hand, otherwise while frying the jamuns in oil or ghee, they will break.

3. After mix the dough, cover with wet cloth for 5 minutes, then make small size balls.

4. Fry the jamuns in oil or ghee on low heat. Otherwise they won't cook inside of the jamuns.
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  1. my belated wishes to your hubby. that cake looks pretty and I am a great fan of gulab jamuns!!

  2. thanks for those tips on gulab jamun! they look so soft, perfect :) wish could taste them, one of my favs :) i see u've a new template, good going!

  3. my belated wishes to ur hubby.....ur cake is so good..i liked the frost so much.....

  4. Belated wishes to your hubby! the cake looks excellent, neat idea of using jam...

  5. The cake looks excellent and yummy!! And lovely Jamuns too.

  6. Thanx for your lovely visit, Jyothi!!...And I already see my blog added here!!!Hugs!!:)

    Belated wishes to your dear hubby!
    Love your jam topped cake and glossy jamuns!!They make the excellent combo like sweet jyothi and her Man...right??;)

  7. Happy birthday to hubby.Cake looks yummy to me,even the icing,not at all bad for a first timer!:))
    Gulab Jamun of course rocks!

  8. Jyothi,

    Happy birthday to your hubby. Hoped you enjoed the day. Lovely cake and gulab jamoon. My hubby likes jamoon too.

  9. Jyothi,belated wishes to your hubby ...Love the cake and the dessert ..Awesome .In fact for my hubby's birthday i made a combination of both these....Excellent

  10. AnonymousJuly 11, 2007

    I love gulab jamuns. Your gulab jamuns looks so good. Please post recipe for gulab jamun.Thanks.


  11. Those gulab jamuns look sooooo yummy.

    Your husband is blessed to have such a talented wife.

  12. WOW that is a nice cake and mouthwatering gulab jamuns....YUM!...

  13. fantastic gulab jamuns, little sweet gems...lovely...thanks for sharing

  14. Gulab Jamuns are looking great. I make them quite often and my husband is a great fan of it. I have the mix at home and for sure will follow the tips that you chalked out. Thanks

  15. Belated wishes Jyoti. :)

    The gulab jamuns are just perfect!! :)

  16. anusharajiJuly 12, 2007

    wishes to him
    and those gulab jamuns are sparkling
    juicy....wish i am there to click that shot ;)

  17. @Hi Sharmi, thanks for your wishes. Even jamuns are very favourite to my family. Thanks again.

    @Hi Richa, thanks a lot for your lovely words.

    @Hi Shanti, thanks a lot.

  18. @Hi Roopa, thanks a lot.

    @Hi Cinnamon, thanks for dropping by.

    @Hi Bharathy, you are right. It's an excellent combo for my hubby. He enjoyed a lot. Thanks again and keep on coming.

  19. @Hi Asha, thanks a lot.

    @Hi Vijiram, thanks for dropping by.

    @Hi Deepa, what a coincidence. Thanks for droppibg by and keep on coming.

  20. @Hi Radha, thanks a lot for your lovely words. For your sake, today I posted recipe for jamuns. Hope You try it and let me know. Thanks once again and keep on visiting.

    @Hi Cynthia, really very happy about your lovely words. Thanks dear.

    @Hi Sukanya, thanks a lot.

  21. @Hi Deilip, thanks a lot.

    @Hi Hima, just try it and let me know. Thanks a lot and keep on visiting.

    @Hi Coffee, thanks for dropping by.

    @Hi Raji, thanks for your lovely words. Any time you are most welcome. Once again thanks dear.