August 17, 2007

JEERA RICE For Think Spice

This is my entry to Sunita's "Monthly Spice Event". Sunita have chosen cumin as the spice for this month(August). So, for this month, if you Think Spice...think cumin. Sunita, thanks for hosting such a wonderful spicy event. This Jeera Rice is very simple and quick to prepare. Taste will be delicious. Here is my recipe:

Jeera Rice:
Prep Time : 35 minutes (to soak the rice and to cut the ingredients)
Cooking time : 45 minutes (to cook the rice)
Serves : 4
Cuisine : Indian

2 cups basmati rice (wash and soak for 30 minutes)
2 tbsp Jeera
3 tbsp oil (I used half oil and half ghee)
2 cloves
2 elachi
2" dalchini
2 bay leaves
4 tbsp cashewnuts
1 finely chopped big onion (cut length wise)
8 whole black peppercorns (adjust)
3.5 cups of water
4 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves for garnish
salt as per taste

1. Wash and soak the basmati rice for 30 minutes.

2. Heat oil or ghee in a kadai, add cloves, elachi, dalchini and bay leaves, fry for 2 minutes on low heat. Add jeera and cashewnuts fry for more few seconds, add chopped onions and peppercorns, fry till transparent.

3. Add soaked rice, water, salt and finally add the coriander leaves, mix well, cook till done.

4. Serve hot jeera rice with any kind of basic gravy or any veg gravy or any non veg gravy too.

Note: 1. You can replace peppercorns with green chillies too. Adjust the quantity of peppercorns or green chillies, according to your spice level.
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  1. jeera rice looks nice n fluffy! goes so well with so many dishes, perfect entry!

  2. Mmmmmmmm..... I can smell that rice from here, delcious, great entry

  3. Yummy entry dear...looks delicious :-)

  4. Thanks for dropping by richa. You are absolutely correct, goes well with most of the gravies.

    Hi Saju, thanks dear.

    Hi Sirisha, thanks for dropping by.

  5. A classic dish. You can't go wrong with this one...


  6. King of Spice everywhere!

  7. Hi!
    Jeera rice is looking delicious! Apt entry for the event!

  8. Nice entry and I always loved jeera rice so much....tx for the recipe and btw I am sorry ya, My IL's were here so not able to come online these days..did u get any help in formating your blog header...lmk!

  9. a classic recipe. everyone loves jerra rice.

  10. Hi Kanchana! thanks for your lovely words and keep coming.

    Yeah poonam, you are right. Thanks for dropping by.

    Thanks Usha.

    Hi padma, thanks for your concern. Even me little busy with some other issues. Not at all started it. Thanks again for stopping by dear.

    Thanks bee.

  11. Nice recipe Jyothi! love it..

  12. Nice simple recipe, love jeera rice :)

  13. Don't think I've come across onion in jeera rice before, nice variation!

  14. Yummy and my favourite. Adding onion is new to me.

    Nice entry jyothi.

  15. Yeah, this is like one of the favourites.

  16. Thanks Seena.

    Thanks Archana.

    Even I tried it Sra, just came out very tasty. Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Seec, next time try this variation. I hope, you will like it. Thanks for your lovely words.

    Hi Cynthia, even this is my favourite. Thanks for dropping by dear.

  17. I love the mild flavour of jeera with basmati..Nice entry..
    Where's you entry for JFI-Rice,by the way??;)

  18. Wow,that is looking so tempting. Excellent.

  19. Hi Bharathy! its on the way... hahaha...very soon i will post it too. Thanks for dropping by dear.

    Hi hima! thanks a lot.

  20. Aren't you the same person who used to copy recipes from others and pass them off as yours? Your earlier blog was titled spicy andhra right? Atleast now you have realized that plagiarizing will get you nowhere.


  21. Hi Indira, before making a statement, please confirm whether its correct or don't have any rights to make false statements about others.

    With only one tittle, you decided that I am the same person, that whom about you are thinking. Then with the same tittle "spicyandhra", one more blog is also there...go and comment in that blog also. If any evidence is there, show me first then talk to me. In the sidebar, I gave my email id also. Any problem is there, contact me.

  22. Jeera rice is the most easiest and comfortable way to make rice that too in a busy day. looks awesome.

  23. you are absolutely correct sharmi. Thanks a lot for dropping by.

  24. Looks very nice... i add green chillies in place of peppercorns jyothi.As sharmi said its easy and comfortable to prepare which goes well with many dishes.

  25. Yeah prema! some times I too add green chillies instead of peppercorns. Thanks for dropping by.

  26. excellent jeera rice....goes with everything and anything na

  27. Correct Rachna. Thanks for dropping by and keep coming.

  28. Hi i hav trioed jeera rice with Chicken curry it tastes out of d world

    Thanks Jyothi

  29. hi sampurna! very glad you like it. Thanks for your lovely comment and come again...